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[Note: Up to 2 representatives from the same organisation can be accommodated.]
*4. What type of organisation are you ? Please select one.
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*6. Which industry sectors does your organisation operate in or focus on? Please select all that apply.
*7. Does your organisation conduct trainings in supply chain operations, responsible business conduct or corporate governance?
*8. How many trainings has your organisation hosted or organised in the past 5 years?
*9. How many staff are dedicated to organising training activities in your organisation?
*10. Which stakeholder groups are your key constituents? Please select all that apply.
*11. How familiar are you with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the OECD sector guidances on supply chain due diligence?
*12. Which Master Class session are you interested in attending? Please select 1 or 2 sessions only.
*13. If selected, will you need travel support to attend the Master Class?
[Note: OECD's support includes financial contribution in a lump sum payment and exclude your flight/hotel booking. Participants must make their travel arrangement accordingly. Participants from the private sector cannot be supported.]
*14. If selected, does your organisation have funding to organise one training (in person or webinar) in country in 2020, following the Master Class delivered by the OECD?
15. If you receive an electronic file of the training modules proir to the Master Class, which would you prefer?