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Circular Economy in Cities and Regions

OECD Survey

Respondents are kindly requested to:
1.    Provide their contact details for follow-up in case clarifications are needed
2.    Try to answer all the questions in the survey, including open ones
3.    Make reference to examples as often as possible
4.    Provide sources links to websites and documents when relevant
Kindly note that:
  • Responses will be treated quantitatively and qualitatively for the analysis;
  • All the respondents will be acknowledged in the final report;
  • All cities and regions regardless of the level of maturity of circular economy strategies, initiatives, plans and programmes are invited to respond to the Survey, including those interested in favouring the transition to circular economy in the future;
Targeted respondents are primarly authorities in local administrations in charge of circular economy (both actual or potential ones) in cities and regions such as: dedicated circular economy managers, officers of innovation agencies and other relevant actors with a mandate on circular economy or likely to have one in the future; but also environmental departments, economic departments, waste departments, city planning departments, CEOs of utilities, etc.