IEA Energy Efficiency Policy Training Week 
Paris, 27-30 April 2020

The International Energy Agency is pleased to announce the 13th Energy Efficiency Policy in Emerging Economies Training Week, which will take place in Paris, France from 27 to 30 April 2020 inclusive.

The Training Week consists of 5 parallel courses on energy efficiency policy in:
1) buildings;
2) appliances and equipment;
3) industry;
4) cities;
5) indicators and evaluation.

Selected participants will attend one of the five courses depending on the area which best matches their role.
Each course offers a mix of lectures, interactive discussions and practical exercises that allow participants to learn from international best practice and each other. The programme also includes joint sessions on the potential for energy efficiency in a sustainable energy system, valuing the social and economic benefits of energy efficiency and communication campaigns.

To apply for the course of interest, please complete the form below before 13 March 2020. The IEA will evaluate applications and inform candidates whether or not their application has been successful by no later than early April 2020. 

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*A participants list will be circulated at the event, which will include email addresses of all participants to allow everyone to stay in touch after the event. 
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