Application to join the OECD/INFE as a full or regular member

*Type of membership requested

Full members are public institutions with an active role in the work of the INFE and which contribute financially to INFE activities on an annual basis. They participate fully in the development of the work of the INFE, have access to all documents developed by the INFE and are invited to attend the bi-annual Technical Committee meeting.  The contribution level is based on a scale which takes into account countries' income per capita and overall GDP according to current World Bank indicators.

Regular members do not contribute financially to INFE activities and play a less active role in developing the work of the INFE. They are not eligible to attend the Technical Committee meetings but are consulted on key policy documents and invited to participate in INFE surveys and data collection as relevant.
*Brief description of your organization's role and mandate in relation to financial education and financial literacy
*Reason for applying
Expectations concerning INFE membership
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