Lobbying has the potential to promote democratic participation and provide decision makers with valuable insights and data. However, without transparency and integrity, it can steer public policies away from the public interest, impact on people’s trust on governments and affect legitimacy of politics.

Taking this into consideration, in 2010 the OECD Council adopted the Recommendation on Principles for Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying, the first international set of guidelines for governments to address concerns over lobbying practices.

The purpose of this survey is to collect information to assess the implementation of the principles of the Recommendation. It also intends to identify your perceptions on lobbying related regulations, emerging challenges and threats to integrity in public decision-making.

Your expertise will provide invaluable inputs, and we thank you very much for taking the time to answer these 25 questions. Your answers will be anonymous. You can interrupt the survey and continue whenever you want, clicking on save and exit.
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