The OECD is pleased to invite you to participate in the OECD 2018 Survey on Blended Finance Funds and Facilities.  

There is currently very limited data on the size or shape of the blended finance market. In view of the growing importance of Blended Finance, the OECD is pursuing major research on blended finance data. The aim of this work stream is to give visibility and provide numbers to the blended finance market as well as inform public policy makers and market players. This effort is particularly important as both public and private sector actors have identified the need to increase data on blended finance as key to ensuring the blended finance market can grow. 

This is the second year the OECD is undertaking this survey, with last year’s feeding into Chapter 6 of OECD flagship publication on Blended Finance Making Blended Finance Work for the SDGs.

You and your fund/facility have been identified as a leading market participant. As we are trying to build a solid evidence base for the scaling-up and mainstreaming of blended finance, your contribution is of strategic importance for us. The survey is your opportunity to improve the visibility of blended finance and promote learning on private sector mobilisation for development objectives.


The present survey has three main objectives:
  • to gather a comprehensive picture of the latest market trends on blended finance funds and facilities,
  • to understand what types of risks these funds and facilities are addressing and how they can leverage private capital more effectively,
  • to explore how their development impact could be tracked and evaluated

In addition, this survey will also aim to explore the feasibility for the OECD to collect data on the amounts mobilised/leveraged from the private sector. To that effect, a separate questionnaire on amounts mobilised from the private sector will be sent to select blended finance funds/facilities.

It will feed into ongoing OECD work on Blended Finance, which is building the evidence base and providing a framework on blended finance, as well as enabling a sustained, informal dialogue, sharing of information, and identification of emerging practices amongst blended finance market participants and policy makers.


The survey is structured around two parts:

  • Part 1 – how blended finance funds or facilities operate to mobilise private finance
  • Part 2 – how development impact is targeted, monitored and evaluated


We are fully committed to ensuring confidentiality of data provided. Please note that detailed data gathered through this survey will be treated as strictly confidential and anonymous. Information collection will be restricted to OECD officials in the blended finance team and data entered will be processed only through software housed in the internal IT system of the OECD. The data will be used for OECD analysis, to inform in particular a publication on the survey, with an expected release date in Q1 2018. Any data reference included in the publication, or in any other communication, will be anonymised, and show aggregated figures or market trends.


The deadline to complete both questionnaires of the survey is Friday 15 March.

Completing the questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes. Questions that are mandatory are marked with *.

We thank you in advance for your time. Please feel free to circulate this survey to any colleagues and other industry stakeholders whose inputs might be helpful to the survey.

The results of the survey will feed into a report, which the OECD will write in collaboration with Convergence and your contribution will be duly acknowledged. We plan to email you a copy of the report to thank you for your contribution and demonstrate the visibility your data provides.

Should you have any questions on completing the survey  or if you are interested in attending the conference, please do not hesitate to contact: DCD.BlendedFinance@oecd.org. 

Many thanks in advance for your co-operation, 

The OECD blended finance team