Thank you for participating in the public consultation for the OECD draft Declaration on Public Sector Innovation. All information about the Declaration, a PDF of the Declaration in its totality and details on how to join the ‘Declare to Innovate’ campaign can be found here. By having your say, you are influencing an important document that governments will use to help plan or refine their innovation portfolio.

We recommend that you visit the Declaration page on the OPSI website to download the Declaration to see it in its totality and to get more information about how to join the Declare to Innovate campaign.

The public consultation takes place on this website.

The consultation is structured to allow you to:
  • Rank each component of the Declaration in terms of its importance to you

  • Provide as much, or as little, feedback as you want on each section

  • Navigate to the components you want to give feedback on, and skip the ones you don’t, by using the ‘next’ button